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Q.  How quickly can we have a generator set installed?

A.  Typically a permit is required for both the electrical and gas connections and the building inspector will want to see the proposed installation site.  Barring the permitting process;  1-3 weeks.

Q.  What is the warranty on my new generator set?

A.  APS provides either a 4 or 5 year labor and material warranty for the Briggs & Stratton brand generator line-up.  Just call us for any service issue.

Q.  What size generator set do we need?

A.  Most customers will undersize their generator needs.  Our sales/engineering department will properly advise upon making an on-site survey.

Q.  How do we maintain our equipment?

A.  APS services all generating equipment.  Semi or annual preventative maintenance agreements are available at a reasonable rate.

Q.  Do we really need a back-up generator?

A.  Only if you can sustain the loss of power for several days during the winter months while away on business or vacation.  Due to climatic changes and infrastructure overloads, long term power outages are becoming more common.

Q.  How long will my generating system last?

A.  We’ve seen systems over 30 years old.  If properly maintained and serviced it should last for a very long time and will, in fact, become a selling feature of your home.

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